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Enrique Martínez is an actor and singer, composer and vocal improviser. His theatrical works have always been closely linked to contemporary music and vocal improvisation skills, to blues, to folk and to our oldest hereditary sounds. His current research focuses on VOICE in ACTION or CORPOREAL VOICE. Student of voice and theatrical collaborator with Catalan Esteve Graset between 1986 and 1993, Enrique Martínez has been working professionally for 31 years and has managed numerous projects around new theatrical and musical languages. Founder of ARENA TEATRO and UNIDAD MÓVIL, producers with which he worked on scenic and musical projects.


  • Currently, Enrique Martínez is working on the Medical Center series for TVE1 in the role of the beloved Juanjo.
  • Featured actor in “Los del Túnel” by Pepón Montero, which premiered last January 20 with takings of more than one million euros.
  • Actor in “Pieles” by Eduardo Casanova in Alex de la Iglesia’s production, playing the father of the protagonist. Released in 2017 at the Berlin Festival and now selected for the Malaga Festival.


Enrique Martínez Actor, a living legend of Spanish experimental theater, popular for his roles in films such as 800 Bullets or TV series like Los Hombres de Paco; musician, wanderer, therapist and voice teacher, outstanding singer of harmonic voices: Enrique Martínez is, at the same time, many men.

Voice and Psyche

Our voice has multiple vocalizations that stem from the individual and collective unconscious. With good training, we can see an unsuspected vocal range that goes from the lowest to the highest tones, as well as expressions or coloratura sounds that come from deep emotions.
The sounds of the voice emerge with INTENT, that is, from the essential intention towards the unconscious, uncovering emotions, not feelings, sub¬¬ personalities of our own Being and shadow, whose sound presence needs to be amplified to be positively integrated into our conscious mind. Thoughts that come from above, our head, and emotions that come from below, our abdomen, are unified through the sound that is released by the mouth. The discovery of the masculine in the woman and the feminine in the man. The joining of opposites. The harmonics and sub harmonics as proof of the resonances of the great elastic tube of the voice and soul. Resonances morphed in the group through sound.

Workshops and Traveling Courses

All the dates for our courses are announced in advance on our Facebook page or in ours events. If you want to take a course in a place or at date not provided, please contact us!
All courses in Madrid will take place in the Aula de Músicas. For other cities, please contact us.
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Concert for piano, Shruti and Harmonic Chant

Nieves Castellano and Enrique Martínez

Discover a new form of musical expression based on improvisation and fusing the Voice and Piano together with harmonic singing, and the Hindu Shruti box instrument.



Enrique Martínez and Fredy Valera

Four tracks, making up more than 40 minutes of music, in which the power and beauty of harmonics are reflected, also combining them with different instruments and arrangements.


Journey through the voice


LOOM is the union of some members of the group BOSCO (José Perello, Jesús Fictoria and David Moretti) with Ester Eu and Enrique Martínez.


Music without name

Luís Muñoz and Enrique Martínez

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